Energy consultants maximizing value for you…

The energy consultants at InventivEnergy are focused on delivering power plant development, asset management and optimization services to independent power producers and private equity groups in the renewable and thermal energy sectors. With more than 400 years of combined experience, covering more than 120,000 MW in over 300 projects in 25 countries, the InventivEnergy core-team stands out from other developers or energy consultants. Having worked with virtually all power generation technologies, specifically with wind, hydro, solar PV, biomass, oil-fired, natural gas (single cycle, combined cycle), CHP, cogeneration and even nuclear plants, InventivEnergy knows how to achieve maximum value from highly deployed generation technologies and all phases of a power project's commercial business – from end-to-end.


InventivEnergy has a result-oriented approach, and a depth of knowledge that enables starting with the end in-mind. Our energy consultants  extensive experience in development of power plants, construction, managing the transition from construction to operations, asset management, operations and maintenance, and even restructuring plants, enables us to achieve success through short and/or long-term solutions that will optimize the performance of your asset. The InventivEnergy team has successfully negotiated many contracts, acquired assets, developed projects and obtained permits, financed projects, led the O&M of facilities, constructed power projects, formulated risk management plans and energy management strategies, and returned troubled assets to profitability.


InventivEnergy also leads transactions, typically acting as commercial and technical adviser for a buyer considering purchase of a power asset. Our experienced energy consultants coordinate and carry out the full due diligence of projects under development or assets in operation. Due to our vast network in the power industry, we have been very effective at connecting the sellers of projects or operational plants with buyers looking to invest in the power business through search and development agreements. We also provide asset valuation and market assessment services, as well as identify the areas where we can help buyers optimize the assets they are considering purchasing, for enhanced profitability.

Naming InventivEnergy:

The InventivEnergy name was born shortly after CEO and Founder, John Keller, visited Menlo Park, NJ.  It was there, at the site of Thomas Edison’s renowned laboratory that Mr. Keller was struck by the gravity of Edison’s inventions and the impact they’ve had in shaping the modern world, especially those relating to power generation. In the days following the memorable visit, Mr. Keller was left with the word “inventive” echoing throughout his work day and recognizing the continuing inventive spirit of Edison’s legacy in today’s power generation industry. As a consulting firm that delivers inventive management solutions that optimize and enhance power projects, it was only fitting that his firm should adopt the name, InventivEnergy.