At InventivEnergy power generation is our passion.  We have directly affected and led the success of many power projects during our careers.  We have in-depth knowledge and experience from the well-head to the grid covering project development, permitting, financing, construction, transition from construction to operations, operations and maintenance and asset management of power plants. Our team covers each and every stage of a power project – from origination to development to contract negotiation, financing, construction, commissioning, transition to operations to asset management or even asset turnarounds. We also have conducted due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions and technology assessments as well as other activities in support of the M&A process. We have profound experience across all technologies: Combined Heat and Power, hydro, wind, solar, biomass, oil-fired, coal-fired, natural gas (single cycle and combined cycle) and even nuclear.


The InventivEnergy team has in-depth knowledge and an outstanding track record when it comes to power project development. From inception and design to financing and engineering, we provide all end-to-end services that will get your project successfully up and running. Our team also prides itself in its ability to negotiate and execute the following agreements/contracts:

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Tolling Agreements
  • Fuel Supply Agreements
  • Air Permits
  • Landowner/Royalty agreements
  • Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSA)
  • State and Local Taxation Rates
  • O&M Service Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Financing Agreements and more


Asset management is in our DNA. In fact, all our consultants have spent all or most of their careers in asset management, whether as chief operating officers, plant managers, energy managers or in other roles. The seasoned power industry professionals at InventivEnergy understand how all the pieces of your power generation puzzle fit together.


We provide complete asset management services whereby we assume the role of owner’s or private equity’s representative and manage your assets as if we own them ourselves. Our team has extensive experience in providing full energy asset management services. If it’s possible to meet or exceed your original pro forma projections in terms of budget, revenue and returns, rest assured, we WILL make it happen. As your asset manager, InventivEnergy will be at the heart of the operations and optimization of your power plant. We will make sure the operators are performing at their best by putting in place incentive, bonus and penalty structures that align your interest with theirs. A fundamental part of energy asset management is extracting the highest value possible from the manufacturer warranties, which InventivEnergy is highly focused on. For merchant plants, we will also make sure you capture all the value in the market, while balancing the risks and potential downsides.



We believe that all power plants have some room for optimization. Having a plant that meets pro-formas and expectations does not necessarily mean it cannot be improved – maybe it is time to let InventivEnergy have a quick look at your assets and identify areas to extract further value?


Whether your asset is a renewable project or a conventional fossil fuel project, we know what it takes to optimize your returns. We can conduct a thorough review of your project and identify the highest priorities where the greatest level of value can be unlocked.

Due Diligence

Our team has get involved in numerous due diligence reviews and knows what to look for when a client is considering the purchase of an existing power asset or a portfolio of assets. A thorough operational, EH&S, technical, financial, contractual and legal review is paramount prior to any transaction. Let our consultants offer our unbiased due diligence approach to ensure that the facilities and contracts do not pose hidden risks or areas for concern.


We also include areas of potential optimization as a fundamental focus area of any due diligence. Plants or portfolios are often acquired under very competitive conditions, and understanding the potential for optimizations, through e.g. expansions, cost reductions, or efficiency improvements might give you the competitive edge to finally acquire the asset.


At InventivEnergy, we believe the future of electric supply trends toward moving away from large central power plants, and many miles of transmission lines, to smaller on-site distributed generation facilities.  Smaller generating facilities, located close to the demand they serve, will provide more efficient, less costly and highly reliable power.  Currently, InventivEnergy’s focus is on development of CHP projects that are smaller, distributed type installations. The Federal Government has announced a target of installing 40,000 MW of new CHP plants within 2020, adding to the over 83,000 MW currently operating in the US.


The fundamental advantage of CHP is in the efficiency of using one fuel source for the production of electricity and then steam for heating and cooling from waste heat.  This “cogeneration” can be more than twice the efficiency of the typical arrangement where one gets power from the grid and also makes steam using boilers on site. Because the heat used to make steam used for heating, hot water, chilled water or cooling is a “waste product” of the power generation, the overall efficiency of a CHP plant is up to 85%, compared to 40% “off the grid”. This also means that the overall fuel consumption for your energy needs is reduced by 35%, and the total emissions by 50%. CHP is a step-up on all levels!


InventivEnergy is your one-stop development shop to help you realize tremendous savings on your energy costs, while also increasing the reliability of your power supply and reducing your carbon footprint. If your facility is a fit, we will develop, install, operate and manage your CHP plant with no capital outlay for you.


Please refer to our CHP section for further information.


As many other industries, the energy and power industry in the US is characterized by its cyclical nature. Often times, power plants are financed and built under one set of assumptions, while the reality might be very different when the plant goes into operation. The current low gas prices and compressed spark spreads in the US increasingly calls for energy asset turnarounds. At InventivEnergy, we know that the earlier we get in, the higher is the value that can be created and/or saved. We have a lot of experience from working in bankruptcy situations – but getting in pre-bankruptcy is always beneficial to all parties.


So ask yourself the following questions. Is your project meeting pro forma expectations? Is the IPP or renewable energy company you’ve invested in or financed producing the returns you originally anticipated? Do you feel your project(s) could be achieving a higher capacity factor and better availability? Is your company seizing all of the market opportunities available? Is your project/company routinely meeting/exceeding budget expectations?


If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, it’s quite possible your project/company is in need of a turnaround. The team at InventivEnergy has a track record of successful asset turnarounds and enhancing profitability. Our team can dive into your project or company, quickly figure out where the problems lie, and recommend solutions; but we don’t stop there. If necessary, InventivEnergy can provide the leadership needed to make sure the energy asset turnaround becomes reality. Why not let us complete a review of your project or company and see if a turnaround is possible?


InventivEnergy also gets involved in pre-bankruptcy, out-of-court restructuring cases, as well as in bankruptcy situations representing either equity or the lenders/creditors. By involving InventivEnergy early in the process with your distressed/troubled power plant, we can help you protecting the asset by optimizing its performance, looking for strategic alternatives and securing the maximum value for owners and creditors.